Stefan Dornow



Usually our fees conform with the RVG (statutory regulations governing attorney fees). The legislator considers those fees as appropriate. Occasionally those fees are not sufficent to remunerate the time and effort of the client's representation. In those cases we will offer you a solution (e. g. hourly or fixed rate) that is acceptable for client and lawyer.

For initial legal consultation we bill a fee that does not exceed 190,00 € net according to RVG (statutory regulations governing attorney fees).

Costs for out of court advice and for creating expertises are not part of of the statutory regulations governing attorney fees (RVG). Here we bill based on the numbers of hours worked. The hourly rate is freely negotiable, also a fixed fee is possible.

The law and jurisdiction allow performance-related fees in some cases. We can make agreements at mandate creation.

I can inform you about the possibility of getting granted legal aid. You can download the corresponding applications under menu item Forms.